Psychoeducational assessments are designed to address the following key issues in children and youth:

  • Learning Disabilities
  • ADHD
  • Giftedness
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Self-esteem
  • Social/Emotional Capacities



For psycho-educational assessments, batteries of tests are used to measure your child’s intra-disciplinary strengths and weakness in specific academic areas (writing, reading and arithmetic). Your child’s academic performance is then compared to their learning and potential, to help determine if they are functioning within the level they should be, or if they may be suffering from a learning disability.

In addition, our assessments can include actual measurement of your child’s attention, focus and concentration, to help determine objectively if they are having difficulty in this area. Test data can be combined with information about your child’s level of performance in school, observations and information from you and from your child’s teachers, and any other information you believe is relevant to your child’s learning. We present our findings and our customized recommendations in a comprehensive report to you.

Assessment for Giftedness

Assessments for giftedness follow much the same approach as for our other assessments – a thorough examination of your child’s intellectual potential and their academic performance to help determine if your child is functioning at within the “gifted” range.

These evaluations provide an understanding of a student’s abilities and level of achievement. The information obtained empowers parents, teachers, and academic administrators to co-create solutions that will maximize benefit to the young person.This process is collaborative in nature, we meet with parents and the young person to access their knowledge and input. Collateral information is invited from teachers where permitted.

The assessment portion of the evaluation examines cognitive learning style, academic functioning (e.g. reading and writing, math fluency), memory, attention, fine-motor and visual-spatial skills as well as emotional functioning (e.g. anxiety, depression).

Once all tests are scored and all data integrated and interpreted, feedback meetings are scheduled to make meaning of the results and define next steps.


Dr. Gill and Dr. Cohen have 20 years plus cumulative experience in navigating public and private school systems. At your request we will make ourselves available to consult with teachers and school based teams regarding our findings and recommendations. Please visit our contact page for more information.